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"Twisted Cords" Crystal Vase.
Andre Thuret (1898-1965)



France, ca. 1935

H : 22 cm / 8.7  in.
Ø max : 20 cm / 7.9 in.



N° 52
Horn shape massive 'high temperature glass' vase slightly bubbled. Transparent aquamarine light-yellow colored, blown on the fly and worked with the tool. Worked with the tool and reported heat-sealed glass twisted cords. Designed and executed by Andre Thuret.


Signature "Andre Thuret" engraved under the vase.








This unique vase is part of a series exploring "cords" applications on different body shapes and sizes and is very characteristic of the pieces Thuret called 'clear' ('claires').

Andre Thuret's work in the 1930s is characterised by thick walls of lightly colored clear glass enhanced with some internal air bubbles and hot glass applications, as in this example.

Each of his works is unique, sculpted and blown in special glasses obtained at very high temperatures (more than 1000°C named "verre de grand feu"), from a mere preparatory sketch or on moment spur without repentance or further rework on the completed piece.

Andre Thuret's works are present in museums and major collections such as the Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Paris (Inv. 49058, 49064, 49065), the Corning Museum of Glass, NY (Inv. 84.3.219, 84.3.220, 84.3.221, 84.3.222), Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (1985.632ab, 1985,633, 1985.634), the Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden (NMK 31/1963), the Bröhan Museum, Berlin ...

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André Thuret (1898-1965) French scientist and glass artist.

He worked at the glass manufactures of Bagneux and of Bezons before his appointment as director of the Conservatoire des Arts et Metiers in Paris.
Thuret wrote several articles on the art of glass making and his works featured in major French and international exhibitions including the Paris World Fair of 1925.

After The Second World War he exhibited regularly at the Salon des Artistes Decorateurs, the Salon d’Automne in Paris and in various famous galleries all around the world. He stopped his artistic glass work in the late 1950’s.



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